In 1979 Warner Bros. called to see if we'd be interested in marketing a new movie channel called Star Channel. They had purchased the channel from another company several years before, and it had gone nowhere. If we couldn't achieve the penetration levels enjoyed by HBO they would turn all of their 550 cable systems over to HBO's movies service. We outscored HBO on penetration and retention. The rest is history.

After the success of The Movie Channel, Warner Bros. asked us what they should do with thousands of hours of video they amassed in Columbus, Ohio for an interactive channel called Qube. Nickelodeon was born. We named the channel, created all marketing materials, made content recommendations, and devised a nationwide media formula to roll out Nickelodeon nationwide. The two TV channels were then merged and combined to form Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment Company. We took The Movie Channel and Nickelodeon from $0 to a $400 million dollar valuation in only one year.

Small companies deserve the same high powered graphics as large multinational companies. Here's the result for one such company located in Scranton, PA.

Same holds true for mom and pop businesses. Anyone can afford a first class trademark.

When Nippon Steel wanted to divest itself of its North American plastics business, multinational icon Ashai Kasei saw an opportunity. As we were already the agency of record for Thermofil, Asahi chose us to redesign the new logo paying respect to the new, and old.

When Canadian media giant Can-Com wanted to start a closed circuit, satellite delivered, 24 hour TV Channel directed toward Bars and Taverns in North America, we answered the call. We handled encryption, marketing, program acquisition, and technical specs. I wore three hats, Director Of Programming, Director of Marketing, and Creative Director.

A simple concept deserves a simple design. A small town bike shop enjoys the fruits of Madison Avenue design.


We create more than just trademarks. We create packaging design, products that go into the packaging, trade booths, and concept retail stores, for any business, fixed or moving. We've done it for Holiday Magic Cosmetics (traveling bus store), Lincoln Center, and a host of other clients. We can do it for you.