Take for example, Nickelodeon. We helped shape the channel from inception to air. We named it, designed the trademark, conducted focus groups, decided pricing, created consumer and trade strategy, and executed marketing, creative and media.

   We took Nickelodeon, a $0 concept, to a company with a valuation of over $400 million dollars in little more than one year. Today, Nickelodeon is ranked the number one cable network in America.

If you don't happen to want to launch a TV network, that's OK.

   We have a wealth of marketing experience in many product categories. Packaged  goods, service, retail, industrial, non-profit and technology. We've helped launch, and nurture start up companies, that today, have an aggregate market value of over $2 billion dollars.

   We not only help our clients achieve monetary success, but we help them do it whilst achieving world wide creative recognition. Numerous Awards from Advertising Club Of New York, Readers Digest Print Award, Starch Best Read Ads, and CLEO awards. We've done it for Rolls-Royce, The Movie Channel, Dictaphone, Celanese Plastics, Warner Bros., Celanese Chemicals, Jell-O, Birds Eye Vegetables, Philip Morris Company, and many more.

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